Green Office

Rueil-Malmaison France 2015
Wilmotte & Associés - Green Office

Technical specifications

Client : Bouygues Immobilier
HEQ consulting engineers : Green Affair
HVAC consulting engineers : HL-PP

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Technical design coordinator : Arcoba
Structural consultant : Terrell
Facade design consultant : Emmer Pfenninger Partner Ag
HVAC consultant : Tribu Energie, Phung Consulting
Acoustical consultant : Lasa
Kitchen consultant : Influence Restauration
Geotechnical consultant : Fugro
Environmental consultant : I.C.F Environnement
Hydrogeology consultant : Burgeap
Surveyor : Robin & Associés


Area : 35 000 m²

Accreditations : “NF Bâtiments tertiaries” tertiary building standard
HEQ 2011 criteria (HEQ passport: Exceptional)
BREEAM rating: “Outstanding”


Programme :
The project consists of two office buildings developed with special attention to environmental issues in accordance with the Bouygues Immobilier GREEN OFFICE® concept. The project embodies a new commercial real estate concept.

Description :
The site is in the municipality of Rueil-Malmaison, in an area previously reserved for the public rail company. The volume is a response to two constraints: the need to support human-powered modes of transportation, which are taking the place of railways, and the need to reinforce the connection with Place Robert Schuman (located between the existing Arval/Cortal building and the Etap hotel). The resulting form is a curve which balances these two constraints and unites with the irregularity of the site. The GREEN OFFICE® RUEIL project is 27.2 metres high at its parapet, and 30.5 metres at the highest point of the roof, which gently slopes down towards the train tracks.
The project consists of two structures (East and West) within the same built volume. Each structure is technically autonomous and has its own entrance. The energy management system adheres to simple, economical principals: reinforced insulation; smart management of energy consuming equipment; removal of suspended ceilings to take advantage of thermal mass at the concrete slabs (routed with cold or warm water to control temperature); sited near public transportation, thereby reducing the need for individual modes of transportation; and encouraging the use of renewable technology for the future with geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and roof-mounted photovoltaic panels for electricity. Optimal lighting of the office spaces is obtained by creating two north-facing patios within the project volume.
The facade is organised on a 1.35 metre module. There are three distinct facade types that have been developed according to their specific orientation. The project adopts a striking architectural parti, which will make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood, not least because it will be replacing the industrial area that currently occupies the site.

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