Door handles / HAFI

Elchingen Germany 2011
Wilmotte & Associés - Door handles / HAFI

Technical specifications

Wilmotte & Industries SAS has designed two door handles for German company Hafi.
- Right-handle 248G
- Curved handle 249G
Featuring an integrated ball bearing joint for optimal absorption of axial and radial forces, these handles have been designed to resist stress and will withstand more than a million opening cycles. Made in solid stainless steel, these two models are available in four finishes (satin, alu-silver, PVD bronze matt, PVD black matt) and come with many styles of concealed fixture fixing plates.


Jean-Michel Wilmotte's purpose
The door handle, a natural extension of the hand, is an instrument that has developed and refined itself through use and through time. Going back to its beginnings, Wilmotte & Industries SAS considered its door handle an evolution and adaptation of a universal instrument: the workman’s spanner carried over to the domestic world. The shape has been adapted to fit the palm of the hand, subtly and clearly guiding the user’s thumb into place. The grip is perfect and comfortable. Available in a number of finishes, the door handle is as durable as the tool that provided its inspiration.

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