IUT 1 (University Institute of Technology 1)

Auxerre France 1993
Wilmotte & Associés - IUT 1 (University Institute of Technology 1)

Technical specifications

Client : Town of Auxerre
Control of delegated works : SEM 69

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects : Roland Jehl
Engineer : OTH
Area : 1,400 m²


Programme :
Construction of the University Institute of Technology at Auxerre, composing two buildings

Description :
In order to best integrate the first department of the Auxerre IUT into the surrounding landscape, we conceived a building on pilotis that respects the slightly modified topography of the site.
Situated on the banks of the Yonne, it takes into account the constraints of a flood plain and also houses parking for two- and four-wheel vehicles. The rectangular shape of the building follows from the organisation of all the activities around a central patio on two levels, a real lightwell which constitutes the meeting point between students and teachers.
The amphitheatre is located at the 'bow' of the building and its access set on the axis of the entrance to the edifice. It is deliberately detached so as to be seen from the outside and benefit from a powerful, independent status. For all of the classrooms located on the periphery of the building, a very special principle of openings was conceived: long, glazed bands of reduced height open at the top and bottom of the walls. This facilitates the work of students who will not be distracted by outside activities, without being deprived of an opening to the sky or to ground vegetation. This configuration also provides a one-piece wall that runs the entire length of the room and allows the hanging of a blackboard or work. Outside we find these same horizontal openings punctuating the facade.
The IUT, whose contemporary architecture achieves real subtlety, is constructed of béton brut, glass, and aluminium for the exterior cladding and amphitheatre.

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