Exhibition "Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer"

Paris France 2019
Wilmotte & Associés - Exhibition  "Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer"

Technical specifications

Musée des Arts Décoratifs


Exhibition curators
Dominique Forest, chief curator of the modern and contemporary department
Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas, director of Studio Bouilhet-Dumas
Salvatore Licitra, founder and curator of Gio Ponti Archives


Project Team
Scenography : Wilmotte & Associés
Lighting and audio : Michel Pounoussamy, Kévin Millet
Graphism : Italo Lupi
Layout : Volume Agencement
Base : Le Socle
Signage : Publimark
Periodroom floor and ceiling printing : Muzéo


1 000 sqm


Start of the projet : 19/09/17
Construction : 20/08/18-17/10/18
Opening 19 october 2018


Exhibition dates
19/10/18 - 05/05/19


Over more than 1,000 sqm, the exhibition “Tutto Ponti, Gio Ponti archi-designer” chronologically presents the six decades of Ponti's career in the fields of architecture, design, interior design and editing.
More than 400 pieces, some of which had never left their place of origin, retrace Gio Ponti's multidisciplinary journey, between architecture, furniture and fittings for private residences or public buildings (universities, cathedral).

The exhibition revolves around three strong sequences: the large central nave and the two side galleries, Tuileries and Rivoli, located on either side of the space.

An evocation of the Taranto Cathedral, a late masterpiece of his work, introduces the course.

The Tuileries garden side gallery looks back on the collaborations he has established with the major manufacturers of works of art, Richard Ginori, Christofle and Fontana Arte, but also with artisans and small businesses. Ceramics, glass and goldsmith's work are combined with papier-mâché and enamelled copper.
14 display cases and lecterns punctuate this long gallery and show all the creativity of a man who excelled in many different fields.

The scenography of the central nave, the backbone of the exhibition, puts in parrallel the biography of Gio Ponti and his involvement in the Domus magazine, the most iconic furniture and architectural projects created over the past 70 years and, a full architectural common thread of his achievements. In the center, the four monumental structures each represent an important period in their long career, combining original furniture and the architectural projects for which they were designed.

Finally, six period-rooms in the gallery of rue de Rivoli complete this journey with the reconstructions of six projects highlighting the global aspect of his work: the Flying Angel next to Paris, the Montecatini building in Milan, the Palazzo del Bo - University of Padua, the home of Gio Ponti de la via Dezza in Milan, the layout of the Parco dei Principi hotel in Sorrento and finally the Villa Planchart in Caracas.

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