Co-living Flatmates

Ivry-sur-Seine France 2019
Wilmotte & Associés - Co-living Flatmates

Technical specifications

1-5 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine, France

3 towers :
-A 11-level tower of 35,12 m (open to Jean-Jacques Rousseau street)
-A 13-level tower of 40,56 m (in the heart of the plot)
-A 17-level tower of 52,60 m (open to Victor Hugo street) with a circular rooftop

100 apartments of 6 rooms : a 30 sqm  living-room + 3 living cells, each one made of 2 rooms, a shower and toilets
+ 1 spa
+ 1 fitness room
+ 2 relaxation rooms
+ 1 laundry room
+ 1 bakery / catering
+ 1 foodtruck
+ parking level

SEHF (Société d’extension de la Halle Freyssinet)

Representative of the client


Project team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Landscape architect: Neveux-Rouyer
Construction manager / Coordinator: Builders & Partners
Structure / MEP engineer: Egis
Façade engineer: Egis
Sustainability engineer: Agi2D
Acoustic engineer: LASA
Quantity Surveyor: Mazet & associés
Technical inspection agency: Veritas

Plot area: 3,500 sqm
Net floor area: 12,000 sqm
Building footprint: 1,894 sqm
Open ground area: 291 sqm
Number of parking spaces: 69 cars + 38 motorbikes + 150 sqm for bicycles

July 2015 : building permit
Mid-2016 : start of the construction work
June 2019 : opening of 2 towers
End of 2019 : opening of the 3rd tower

Construction of a co-living residence to house more than a quarter of young entrepreneurs working in Station F startup campus (13th district of Paris) + revegetation of the heart of the plot.


In June 2019, STATION F opens Flatmates, the biggest co-living place in Europe, to house up to 600 entrepreneurs from all STATION F’s startup programs just 10 minutes away from campus.


There are 100 apartments and 600 rooms. More than just apartments, Flatmates offers a full experience with common spaces, including a café and grocery shop (that are open to public), a gym, a laundromat, a huge lounge (where they will be able to play music, watch films or cook with their friends), and an event space.


All apartments of 100+ m2 are designed for sharing and exchange. All residents are matched with their roommates using the technology developed by Whoomies, a startup in the STATION F’s Founders Program, that uses tags given by STATION F’s entrepreneurs to regroup people that share the same interests. Living room furniture designed by Cutwork is modular and flexible, allowing residents to play with the setup of their apartments for various situations. 

Image gallery

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