Paris France 2019
Wilmotte & Associés - HOTEL NOVOTEL - PORTE DE VERSAILLES (75)

Technical specifications


Assistant to the contracting authority
Assistant to the contracting authority: Unibail-Rodamco / Espace Expansion
Control office: SOCOTEC
AMO Environnement: Greenaffair
AMO Programme: ATEN

Project management team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Structure Consultant: Setec
Fluid Consultant: Barbanel
VRD Consultant: Progexial
Frontage Consultant: VP & Green
Acoustician: JP Lamoureux
Security Engineer : CSD - FACES
Economist: AE75
Interior Designer: Saguez & Partners
Lighting Engineer : Douetdesign
Frontage Lighting Engineer: Seulsoleil
Kitchen Designer: Alma Consulting

Energy profile
• HQE certification - Passeport Excellent
• Certification BREEAM - Very Good
• Effinergie+

Hotel: 10,815 sqm floor area
Retail: 553 sqm (R+9)
Height: +27,85 m (R+8)

Inauguration 20/11/ 2019


Hotel includes:
- 245 rooms
- One restaurant
- A roof terrace bar
- Retail areas

The site
The project is developed on the Avenue de la Porte de la Plaine, in the 15th district of Paris, at the edge of the Exhibition Park  of Porte de Versailles, near the Pavillion 6.

The architectural project
The general volumetry of the building, the composition of its façade as well as the selected materials were developed in conjunction with the South Hotel, in order to create a harmonious whole.
The project is mainly marked by a large 3-storey building (Ground Floor + 4 to Ground Floor + 6) with a 3.6 m cantilever on the north and south sides of the hotel, visible from the Boulevard Des Maréchaux. Appearing as if it is levitating above a triple-high entrance hall that overlooks the new public square in order to mark that entrance.
In addition, the "horizontal" volume of the hotel-south is found “vertically" on the hotel-north, thus giving another reading to its facade. This makes it possible to create a variety of articulation, especially in the  ground floor, thus avoiding a repetition of elements over the length of the common base of almost 200 m.
Similarly, large bays of several floors (Gnd to Gnd + 3) and (Gnd + 4 to Gnd + 6) and of various depths give a movement to the facade.
Finally, throughout the project, a change in colour and direction of brick-laying emphasizes the volumetric composition of the project.

The superstructure consists of concrete bricks, anthracite-gray and white, as well as metal panels on the overhanging soffits.
The door frames consist of a double chassis in anthracite gray aluminum and vertical aluminum elements in white.
The guardrails are glazed.

The roof terrace will have a landscaped garden accesible to the public, over a significant area of the roof, while in the hotel-north a public area is created with  a landscaped garden of about 100m2.