Les Terrasses de la Presqu'île

Lyon France 2019
Wilmotte & Associés - Les Terrasses de la Presqu'île

Technical specifications

Client: Communauté Urbaine de Lyon

Project team:
Architect-urban planner: Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associated architect: WW Architecture
Quantity surveyor, roads and networks engineer: E2CA Ingénierie
Architect specialized in civil engineering structure: DVVD
Lighting engineer: Speeg & Michel
Water and irrigation engineer: C2I Conseil
Impact study and river regulation: Société Reflex Environnement
Landscape architect: Neveux-Rouyer

Area: 5ha

February 2013: launch of the tender
March 2014: winner of the competition
Construction site: 2016-2019

Rives de Saône, aménagement des Terrasses de la Presqu'île à Lyon 1er et 2ème arrondissement.


The project is part of an exceptional site, in the heart of the city of Lyon, registered sector world heritage of UNESCO. The entire site is now fragmented, heterogeneous with many visual barriers and physical barriers. It is also dominated by roads and parking and is cut from the Saône river on much of its length by the parking Saint Antoine. Finally the paths of low platforms are rarely accessible to pedestrians or interrupted. All these existing urban settings do not allow to enjoy the extraordinary potential of the site, whether it is the iconic view of the Basilica of Fourvière preexisting public spaces or the beauty of the surrounding buildings. The planned demolition of the car park Saint Antoine is a fantastic opportunity for development and urban regeneration of the site. It will help not only to recreate the bottom port of the Quai Saint Antoine to ensure continuity Parkway low platforms, but also to encourage the opening of the site on the Saone, Vieux Lyon and Fourvière.

In this context, we propose to reclassify the entire site with an urban development project which it homogeneous, purified and pacified in order to offer a global vision of the place and restore the prestige it deserves. Our proposal is based on the original idea of prioritizing the use by giving space to pedestrians and motorized traffic in accordance with existing travel. Our project is structured around the relationship and weaving between the existing road network crossing the peninsula and the docks. Thus, in the extension of the current streets of the peninsula, the creation of small squares or urban breaks, will punctuate and prioritize the linear docks while offering exceptional views of the architectural environment. The docks will be treated vegetated continuity to ensure the comfort of pedestrian paths from north to south. The aisle market will be stone paved, durable coating that is noble and the driver of the development of various redevelopment of urban areas over the site. Around the existing spaces and alcoves the area will be freed from vehicles and made for pedestrians.

Outstanding new trees will be planted at random to generate terraces with shade and comfortable, creating transitions between the urban center of the peninsula and the green edges alignments of trees on raised platforms. The deepest anchor posed instead of Albon and the Place Saint-Nizier is a major sequence in the site during a specific development recalling the old site binding with the opposite bank of the Old -Lyon. Like the Place du Port du Temple, the site will continue Albon by large mineral mat sides of roads docks to gazebos that will be created to take advantage of views of the Saône and Hill Fourvière.

From the docks and gazebos, passing to discover the location of the former parking lot of St. Antoine, a garden river, fun and educational garden at the image of scientists gardens of yesteryear. For the design we were inspired by natural landscapes along the Saône upstream of the project site. So we created a garden in close resonance with the Saone. This natural landscape restored, that would somehow be trivial" from nature’s point of view, 0becomes an exceptional item in the center of town as a "green jewel" in an urban setting. This garden will host the playgrounds of schools in the area in a mid-level free decadal flood. These courses will be vegetated and welcome microphones experimental gardens dedicated to children in the form of plant shelter, gardens and flowering plants. This garden was designed to flood the Saone are not incurred but engine writing project. Designed especially resonate over the green mass of the Fourvière hill, this garden will provide space for relaxation and extraordinary journey to the peninsula of Lyon.

Reconsidering the public space as the support of harmonious and peaceful community life, we continue to include the city of Lyon in the dynamics of the contemporary view of our European cities.

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