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Marseille France 2014
Wilmotte & Associés - Aplat by Wilmotte

Technical specifications

JEAN-MICHEL WILMOTTE and JEFCO launch «APLAT by Wilmotte», a high-performance and eco-friendly concept for architectural paint.


The range "APLAT by Wilmotte" is born from the meeting between the architect Jean-Michel WILMOTTE and French society ALLIOS-Jefco, manufacturer of professional paints, during the renovation of the Musée d'Orsay in 2011, s 'is a concept of architectural paints and high performance and  environmentally friendly. Meeting the requirements of Jean-Michel WILMOTTE, Jefco has developed a collection of paint particularly sensual, where the sight, touch and subjective evocation create surprise.

The goal was to get a professional paint that come in a collection of colors carefully designed to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of the largest architectural firms.

The specifications for "APLAT by Wilmotte" was to get a matt paint resistant, which is bodied, non-shining and washable, all in order to obtain good durability over time.
The development of APLAT MAT by Wilmotte lasted more than a year. It then took several months of work by a team dedicated to the search for the color corresponding to 85 the world of Jean-Michel WILMOTTE shades.

For "APLAT by Wilmotte," research around color was inspired by the identity of Jean-Michel WILMOTTE, materials he likes to use, his artistic and musical sensibility, his travels ...
The box-chart includes maps of independent colors from each other, it will allow to combine the maps with each other and with materials to see at a glance the effects of possible associations.

Each color family evokes the intensity of an emotion, the atmosphere of a place or a time, the purity of a smell or a taste, the feel of the material ... The subtle nuances, up to the halftone  refers specifically  to the world of Jean-Michel WILMOTTE’s vibrant palette.
Referring to notes on a score, the colors of the spectrum, ranging from muted tones "sotto" to bright hues "fortissimo" through the "mezzo" involved in the transcription of music from one place. The painting "APLAT by Wilmotte" thus combines poetry and technical innovation.

Product Contact:
Marc Mafille - Marketing
Tel: +33 (0) 4 96 12 50 00
Email: marc.mafille@jefco.fr

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