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Toulouse-Blagnac France 2016
Wilmotte & Associés - Site Safran Toulouse

Technical specifications

Altarea - Cogedim Midi-Pyrénées

Project team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés SA
Landscape architect: Neveux & Rouyer
Genral contractor: Grontmij
Quality control consultant: Bureau Veritas
Sustainability consultant (to the client): Artelia Bâtiment & Industrie

Floor area
25,000 m²

Competition: July 2013
Building permit deposit: October 2013
Start of work: May 2014
Delivery date: December 2015


Office building with very high energy performance for the SAFRAN Group, a world leader in aerospace equipment.

Presentation of the project
The SAFRAN-TOULOUSE project is based on a strong idea as well as following the program constraints and urban recommendations to move towards a project whose functional organization and organizational efficiency addressed the distributive model for airports: the HUB.

The HUB is a privileged spatial position and its communications infrastructure, which articulates and organizes three main programmatic interface entities: a base shared services, an elevator and parking lot and lighting and flexible office floors. The project consists of three gently stretched white lines and tapered on a single plate dressed with a ribbon of glass and perforated gardens to come to dock with an optimized parking building as an enigmatic prism made of azure textile membrane of a deep blue colour.

The facades are of three different types which are articulated and designed meet to form a coherent entity.
They give the campus a controlled and timeless feel, a real place that is assertive without ostentation by the rigor of its refined lines. The glass ribbon from the base service, white prisms of office facades and a blue parking.

Bias landscape requires a set of pixilated screen of vegetation where the perception of the garden changes with each level. Graphics processing plant pallet gives a pictorial and chromatic fragmentation oscillating in shades of gray and green. The textures and colors of foliage form undulating plant masses and fit together to create an atmosphere of undergrowth.

The project organizes the three functional entities as three distinct architectural volumes, which are combined and juxtaposed in a game of proportions and materials to develop a coherent set which simplicity, fairness and harmony reveals the excellence of knowledge -make the SAFRAN Group.

Image gallery

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