Les Allées Foch

Versailles France 2015
Wilmotte & Associés - Les Allées Foch

Technical specifications


Representative of the client


Project team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Landscape architect and Roads and networks consultants: Neveux-Rouyer
Structural engineer: SCYNA 4
Roads and networks engineer: SETU
Acoustic consultant: MMS
Building services engineer: PRELEM
Quantity surveyor: DAL
Quality Control consultant: Batiplus
Ground research consultant: Fugro

Site Manager

Studies: September 2010 - March 2012
Site: April 2012 - December 2014
Inauguration: April 2015

Housing: 4,008 m² floor area
Retail: 2,217 m² floor area



Construction of two buildings intended for housing and shopping in keeping with the Carré Richaud and Jardins Richaud projects: 43 accommodations for building A (among which 9 council flats) and 23 accommodations for building B.


Description of the project

This project comes within the general framework of the Richaud operation. The Foch islet operation comprehends two buildings consisting of nine dwellings and shops on the ground level and in the basement.

This operation aims at developing the architectural patrimony of the city of Versailles and at stimulating the existing city centre by creating housing facilities that fit the current environmental requirements. Close to public amenities, shops and public transportation, the project also includes the creation of commercial premises in line with the rue Foch shopping area.

The two buildings follow the shapes of the plot of land. The first building is U-shaped, running along the streets Foch and Richaud as well as the new pedestrian street. The second building has the shape of an L and follows the previous building along the rue Foch and faces it on the pedestrian street.

The composition of a built façade along the existing streets at the edge of the property but also along the new road comes within the scope of a wish to take into account the urban logic of Versailles. On the other hand, along the allées Foch, the buildings give onto inner green spaces. In order to coincide with the unity of the project, it was important to mark the difference between the two sides of the islet: street side and inner side, facing the historical building.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The scale of the new buildings is given by the old hospital: the front of the new buildings is never higher than the one of the old and the same applies to the height of the roofs.

The façades of buildings A and B on the rue Foch are alike. Their composition highlights a central body in order both to brake the linear appearance and emphasize an important access: the one to the TRAVERSANT shopping centre. They also underline the softness of the angles in order to create a feeling of cohesion with the façades of the side streets. The façades of the rue Richaud and of the pedestrian street are designed in the continuity of a major vertical element indicating the entrance to the housing part. The facades on the alley, on the pedestrian scale, are an invitation to strolling and they reinforce the presence of vegetation (jardinières and greenhouse-like glassed façades, green interior spaces visible from outside).

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