High rise offices building

Baku Azerbaijan 2007
Wilmotte & Associés - High rise offices building

Technical specifications

Client : State petroleum company

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA

Area : 60,000 m² (160 metres/36 floors)
- offices : 40,000 m²
- conference centre : 20,000 m²


Programme :
Construction of a tower comprising offices and a conference centre.

Description :
Baku has become in just a few years the focal point for large oil industries due to its strategic geographical location (the city is located on the southern shore of the Absheron Peninsula, bordering the Caspian Sea).
It is in this context of an economic boom that the state oil company engaged the Wilmotte & Associés practice for the design of its new headquarters. This modern building needed to be seen as a clear signal in the eyes of Azerbaijanis; it had to reflect a country in perpetual motion, turned towards the future.
We imagined this 160-metre tower (36 floors – 60,000 m²) like a geyser explosion that gradually grows into the sky. At the foot of the tower, a "lake of glass" encircles the building, accentuating the idea of an architectural sculpture displayed at the centre of an ornamental lake.

The project encompassed two parts:
- The basement on three levels is dedicated to social activities; it offers a conference centre, fitness centre, restaurant, and exhibition hall.
- The upper floors are devoted to office space.
The roof terrace accommodates a heliport.

With security at the heart of this project, two elements make for the originality of the tower. Firstly, entry is controlled by a bridge that crosses the tower from east to west, giving visitors and users the impression of being at the heart of an impregnable fortress. Secondly, the basement car park is not found directly beneath the tower but on the adjacent land. These two initiatives help prevent any malicious action.
We wanted to create an ensemble that is both striking and ethereal. Striking in its form and height, ethereal thanks to the use of glass on its facades, which give transparency and lightness to the tower. In addition, the installation of a ventilated double-skin facade allows for the integration of stainless steel panels between the skins. This technique gives movement to the building due to the sparkling effect induced by the panels.
Finally, the installation of "sky gardens" at various locations on the tower creates communal living areas while offering unobstructed views of the Caspian Sea.
The Bakou Tower is an innovative and environmentally friendly project, a project designed to enhance the Azerbaijani landscape.

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