Lighting and furniture collection / Holly Hunt

Chicago The United States 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Lighting and furniture collection / Holly Hunt

Technical specifications

Lighting and furniture collection designed for American showroom owner and distributor, Holly Hunt
Designer : Wilmotte & Industries SAS


Designed for Holly Hunt, the Jean-Michel Wilmotte collection is built entirely around the architect’s designs. With comfort at front of mind, Wilmotte & Industries SAS wanted to go back to basics, and reimagine the design and construction behind form and dimensions.
The balance struck between the powerful codes of architecture, a certain minimalism, and the use of high-quality materials all contribute to the uniqueness of this collection.
Firmly opposed to the ostentatious, and with the belief that true elegance is found in simplicity and subtlety, the Wilmotte collection for Holly Hunt strives to be timeless and elegant, true to the great French tradition of style and design.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who is reunited in this work with one of his first areas of expertise, showcases the exceptional work of the Holly Hunt teams, who combine high standards of quality with elegance. The workmanship and build quality of the pieces are both excellent. A shared meticulousness and desire to innovate between the Holly Hunt craftsmen and Wilmotte & Industries has driven a focus on the choice of materials and the finishing details. Solid wood, silver polished wenge, smoked walnut, coloured lacquer, brushed chrome, light and dark bronze, gun metal, among other materials, introduces a subtle sophistication to what is a sober and elegant collection, distinctive from trends and fashions.

A collection of four lines :

The Hadrien Line: The crown of this collection, the Hadrien Line is a reinterpretation of classical style that combines contemporary codes with simple, refined outlines. It is a complex melange of details borrowed from construction; such as the tie bars used to construct the furniture, or the corner pieces and Torx screws left open to view and accentuated by different finishes, which all bring out the originality and uniqueness in these furniture pieces.

The De Stijl Line : Wilmotte & Industries SAS revisits the characterising elements of the De Stijl movement in this line. Perspective is subtly underlined; contrast in changing dimensions is achieved by careful playfulness with solids and hollows, and there is a clever juxtaposition of quality, innovative materials.

The Landes Line : Curves gently run through strictly horizontal designs in this line, reminiscent of the coming and going of wind across landscapes. The inspiration for this line is simplicity, calm and tranquillity.

The Odéon Line : Disciplined but sophisticated, the Odéon line proudly reaffirms its strong French character.

Image gallery

Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienDesk_05.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_DeStijlDresser_BleachedWalnut_120913_9844.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_OdeonDiningTable_01.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_FrameLowTable_121026_9813.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_LandesConsole_35.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_FrameLowTable_121026_9815.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_LandesLowTable_17.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienDesk_46.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_OdeonDiningTable_18.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_DeStiljMediaConsole_Prototype1_11.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienDiningTogether_02.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - SH_OdeonConsole_120614_5934.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SecretRectLowTbl__08.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SecretRoundLowTable_12.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - SH_OdeonConsole_120614_5943.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienDiningArm_18.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_OdeonSofa_07.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienOccasionalChair_01.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SavoyLoungeChair_121026_9996.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienOccasionalChair_18.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SavoyLoungeChair_121026_9965.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SavoyLoungeChair_121026_9982 2.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienDaybed_21.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienBench_120502_21.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_SavoyLoungeChair_121026_9991.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienEndTable_120504_16.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienEndTable_120504_33.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienBridgeTable_02.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienBridgeTable_18.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_110607_HadrienSofa_01.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienSofa_Miami_07.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - JMW_HadrienBench_01.JPG

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