Knives and corkscrew / Les Forges de Laguiole

Laguiole France 2004
Wilmotte & Associés - Knives and corkscrew / Les Forges de Laguiole

Technical specifications

Wilmotte & Industries SAS has worked in collaboration with Forge de Laguiole for many years.

Wilmotte has designed a number of collections for the brand:
- Sommelier : a 'fluorescent' collection comprising folding knives and table knives with PMMA fluorescent handles
- 'Cyril Lignac' knife : designed for the eponymous chef and his famous restaurant Le Quinzième. An original feature, this knife is intended to stand upright on the table and is available in a number of finishes: full aluminium handle with high gloss or black gloss stainless steel blade.

Image gallery

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Wilmotte & Associés - fluo-c_forge1.JPG
Wilmotte & Associés - cyril Lignac2.JPG
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