EFB - Lawyer School

Issy-les-Moulineaux France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - EFB - Lawyer School

Technical specifications

Client : Bouygues Immobilier

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA,
General construction consultant engineer and cost consultant : Ingerop
Client's construction cost consultant : Georges Ventre Ingénierie
Facade design (with Ingerop) : Arcora
HEQ consultant (with Ingerop) : Integral Concept
Acoustical consultant : Acoustique et Conseil
Health & safety coordinator and technical inspector : Veritas
Geotechnical consultant : Soler Conseil
Environmental consultant : Burgeap

Area : 8 760m²


Construction of the new Ecole de Formation professionnelle des Barreaux de la Cour d'Appel de Paris (EFB - Lawyer School), a private higher education establishment, and the most important of the 11 Régionaux de la Formation Professionnelle des Avocats, CRFPA (Regional Centres for Lawyers' Vocational Training).

The project is on a site completely devoid of buildings or valuable plant life, at the corner of Félix Amiot and a new road; it fits in perfectly between the two adjacent companies, SERENIS and STERIA. The building is (on average) 20 metres wide and rests on two gable, party walls at the adjacent buildings. The building includes a central garden (c. 12 metres by 30 metres) and its facade is clearly visible from the public space. The complex is in the midst of the Low Energy Building certification process.
In addition to its functional qualities, the structure stands out for the originality of its facades facing out onto the public space. The interior features a first-floor garden which is reflected by the more opaque facade in this zone, providing yet another layer of meaning to the facade and its wooden fins. The project’s “X-factor” is the three-storey lobby where the wood peels off the facades and winds freely through the interior. This undulating wood sail wends its way through the various passageways connecting the reception area to the ground floor spaces. The balconies on the two mezzanines blend in with this wood sail, furthering the play of space with exquisite elegance.

Building Operation :
The areas below-grade are dedicated to parking and mechanical rooms. The ground floor includes the student reception area and a 380-seat amphitheatre. The first floor contains the high-traffic spaces: the library/media centre, the media-consultation space, the cafeteria, the teachers' lounge, the student association, and the infirmary. The second floor houses all the administrative functions; it is laid out in a traditional office format with social spaces, meeting spaces, and the server room. This floor has a large balcony overlooking the lobby. The third, fourth, and fifth floors contain nearly all of the 38 classrooms. And finally, the sixth (and last) floor includes, among other things, a large 300 m² modular conference room, a 30-person boardroom, offices, and mechanical rooms. This last floor also has a terrace.
The interior garden covers 261 m² of outdoor space, representing 15% of the total lot area. Two medium-sized trees are planted here.

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