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Issy-les-Moulineaux France 2013
Wilmotte & Associés - ô Paris

Technical specifications

Client : SCI Fort d’Issy représenté par Bouygues Immobilier

Architecte : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Engineer : Bouygues
Main contractor : AEF ingénierie

Area : 9 260 m²


Programme :
Construction of 159 low-energy building residences in the historic Vauban military site of Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Description :
A real link between Paris and its suburbs, the project emphasises the site's key features – the fort and its high elevation – creating a panoramic viewpoint. It is a privileged observatory that reveals the urban landscape in all its rich complexity, including the meandering course of the Seine and the different stands of trees stretching out as far as the eye can see. The design explores the fort's pentagonal outline in two ways. The departure point is a wide, open, 100-metre, square plaza, similar to the Place des Vosges. With obvious centrality, this vast public place provides a reference point for this new urban scene, representing a rich social life for the inhabitants. This open space is at the centre of the process of urbanisation, which is ordered by a Cartesian, orthogonal grid. The grid simultaneously provides discovery, homogeneity, fluidity, and spatial hierarchy. The buildings immediately adjacent to the plaza are arranged in a deliberately inward-looking style because of the poor quality of the frames built along the fringe of the fortifications and their curtain walls.
The classic urban ordering of the design is achieved by the buildings, which include modern architecture and a multiplicity of typologies – responses to the programme, to the context, and to the contrasting orientations. Apartment buildings stand side-by-side with townhouses and condominiums with gardens and terraces. An urban object houses a hotel or businesses, while the facilities of a school or retirement home besiege the fortifications. This great and rich diversity is achieved by means of some well-orchestrated planning and design.
Pedestrian access leads to an initial plaza, the real threshold of this 1,000 unit project. Two generously planted boulevards separate vehicular and pedestrian circulation. They lead from the vehicular access and Rue du Fort to the central plaza. Two enormous water features breathe life into the space. The vegetation actively defines the spaces, in harmony rather than in contrast with the built environment. Reinforcing the geometry of the plaza, plantings of large stands of trees punctuate the space, giving it metre and rhythm. In contrast, a range of built elements along the site's periphery assists the composition, giving it a haphazard, organic sense.

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Wilmotte & Associés - Fort d'Issy
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