Technical specifications

Client: City of Chartres

Architect: Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects: G. Trouvé et F. Tchepelev
Structural consultant: Werner Sobek
HVAC consultant: Dalage et Couliou
HVAC consultant: PSL
HVAC consultant: Saison-Paragot
Construction cost consultant: CB Economie
HEQ consultant: 2DKS
Acoustical consultant: Point d’Orgue
Lighting consultant: Cosil

Area: 13 665 m²

Start of the studies: may 2012
Building Permit in January 2014
Start of the construction in 2015



Restoration, modification, and expansion of the Chartres Hôtel de Ville Town Hall.

Launching an architectural competition in June 2011, the City of Chartres wanted to replace its dilapidated and out-dated town hall with a modern and functional space. This project includes restoration of the historic Hôtel Montescot (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), as well as functional landscaping of the site’s perimeter. The project also includes the construction of an underground car park. The new architectural complex extends across 13 665 m² and will be a powerful, distinctive symbol for the city.

The design embodies a dialogue between the old and the new, between history and modernity:
• The town hall is built on a stone plinth that draws upon the style of the Place des Halles square and establishes a sense of place.
• The Place des Halles and Rue Saint-Michel wings provide natural, well-considered space, respectfully detached from the historic hotel, making way for views and pedestrian zones along the periphery.
• The glass facades reflect, unite, and link the new and the old, all the while maintaining a solemnity which celebrates the historic hotel.
• This new building has the feeling of an urban space thanks to its internal streets and the Hôtel Montescot's garden functioning as a real square.
An open and pleasant pedestrian walkway opens up before you. Also significant are the materials selected for the project, evidence of an environmentally-friendly and locally-sourced approach.

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Wilmotte & Associés - Chartres HDV 1
Wilmotte & Associés - HDV 2