Monte Carlo View high rise

Monaco Principality of Monaco 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Monte Carlo View high rise

Technical specifications

Client : Michel Pastor

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects : Alexis Blanchi
Structural consultant : Antonio Collu
HVAC consultant : Fimatec S.A.M.
Geotechnical consultant: Lombardi
Technical inspection agency : Véritas
Shell : Dumez-Ingeco

Area: 10,000 m² (60 m high)


Programme :
Construction of a 19-storey building, including residential units, commercial space, offices, and a six-floor below-grade car park.

Description :
Located near an exotic garden, Monte Carlo View high rise is a 60-storey residential tower. The architecture in the district consists of various residential building styles from contemporary to classical early 20th century, and Art Deco.
Monte Carlo View high rise is a work of contemporary architecture; it respects typical features of classic Monaco architecture by its build and conformity, and by its profile (basement and top floor articulations). This project strives to resolve the dual problem of being a mixed-use building (residential units, offices), as well as a building with “symbolic” importance for Monaco.
The structure consists of a central 20-storey mass in light beige stone, punctuated by oriels (bow-windows) and balconies with glass railings and metal trim. The building includes offices from the first to third floors, residential units from the fourth to 19th floors, commercial space and a guard station on the ground floor next to the lower avenue, and a 129-space, six-storey car park with 56 cellars accessible from lower Avenue Hector Otto. The lobby includes a reception desk and a back office and opens up to the building's garden. The facades on Avenue Hector Otto have a two-storey ground floor (double-height entrance hall), which is highlighted by an 80 cm step back and a metallic shadowgap. A terrace prevents a stark contrast between the garden and upper Avenue Hector Otto. The oriels give the building a slender, elegant appearance. The stone "brackets “and the side balconies make it possible to see the oriels up close. They also facilitate opening up the living rooms, especially on the sea-view side, while still providing protection from the sun. The horizontal windows of the oriels next to the Garden House and Villa Béatrice frame the landscape from the interior and enliven the facade, especially at night. The top floors on the Garden House side have two oriels at the highest points; this highlights the ethereal quality and accentuates the unmistakeable feeling of entering East Monaco.

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