Collège des Bernardins

Paris France 2008
Wilmotte & Associés - Collège des Bernardins

Technical specifications

Client : Association Diocésaine de Paris
Control of delegated works : Sefri-Cime Équipe de maîtrise d’oeuvre

Chief architect for historic monuments : Hervé Baptiste
Architect and interior design : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Main contractor : OPC, Elan
Historic monument cost consultant : Cabinet Virtz
Planning cost consultant : C.E.E.
Structural consultant : Bureau Michel Bancon
HVAC consultant : Alto
Fire safety coordinator : FCSI
Health and safety coordinator : Socotec
Roads and services consultant : ATPI
Acoustical consultant : Avel Acoustique
Landscape architect : Neveux-Rouyer

Area : 5 000 m² NFA


Programme :
Redevelopment and interior design of the historic 13th century Collège des Bernardins, with classrooms, offices, a library, auditoriums, and a garden.
The Collège des Bernardins was established in 1245 to provide spiritual training close to where the most intense intellectual debate was taking place; for centuries it was one of the leading centres of Western thought. Completely restored by the Archdiocese of Paris, today the Collège des Bernardins is a privileged place of knowledge and discourse, a place where the quest for knowledge is open and accessible to all those who seek it. The main building is 70 metres by 14 metres.

The restoration focused on:
- burial of 300 micro-piles under the perimeter walls to support the building
- creation of a below-grade library and meeting rooms
- complete reconstruction (with steel) of the enormous Medieval roof
- restoration of the triple Gothic nave punctuated by 30 slender columns
- restoration of the ground, slab, stone walls, columns, arches, and capitals
- creation of a three-metre areaway at the exterior walls to bring in natural light
- reconstruction of the south rose window
- reconstruction of the gable walls according to their original design, and facades restoration  
- reinforcement of the basement structure
- rebuilding of the roof (including the use of 110,000 custom tiles – which took a year to fabricate – printed with the name "Bernardins"), skylights, and a central bell tower.
In June 2010, the Collège des Bernardins received the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage from the European Union/Europa Nostra Awards in the "Conservation" category.

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Ré-ouverture du collège des Bernardins

Ré-ouverture collège des Bernardins dans le 5e - Paris - Bâti en 1247, ce bâtiment abrite une histoire hors du commun : prison, caserne puis un internat, il s'agit bien là d'un lieu en perpétuelle.


Le Collège des Bernardins

A travers lexpression artistique, les expositions, la musique, le cinéma, les conférences, les colloques, les séminaires, la formation théologique et formation biblique, le collège des Bernardins se veut un lieu de recherche et de débat autour de la question de l'homme et son devenir.

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